In a nutshell

What makes the Aqua Diamante System so powerful is that the Oxidants are created under high potential, which only Diamonds can withstand. All other electrodes, like Copper, Silver etc would be disintegrated very quickly, not to mention that they also release heavy metals into the water.

With the Aqua Diamante, not only one, but a variety of Oxidants with different properties are produced. Very fast reacting OH-radicals complement Hydrogen Peroxide, Per carbonates with a lifespan of some minutes to hours and these are supported by Persulphates and Per carbonic acids, which are able to build up a long lasting supply of Oxidants to guarantee your excellent water quality in any situation. The positive side effect being that all Oxidants produced by lower currents, are also produced by the higher potential, including the ones, which can only be produced by Diamonds.

And also not to underestimate that you will never have to check your pH levels again. That’s it, in a Nutshell.