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Why is Chlorine bad for your health?     Because of its reactivity, chlorine gas is almost never found in nature. Human cells are therefore not built to deal with chlorine, but as it is lipophilic, it penetrates your body and cells as if there was no skin. Chlorine gas is a respiratory irritant. The distinctive odour similar to household bleach is detectable easily at very low concentrations e.g. 0.2-0.4 parts per million (ppm). Inhaling the gas at almost any noticeable concentration causes coughing, tears, a "running nose" and breathing difficulties. These symptoms result from chlorine combining with moisture in the eyes, nose, throat and lungs forming a weak acid.



Why have governmental bodies in the EU released a recommendation against baby swimming in chlorinated waters?

Escaping chlorine gas can have non-beneficial health effects on babies, young children and elderly




 Why do you use diamond electrodes, are they not very expensive? Are there no cheaper alternatives?

Diamonds are the hardest material on earth. Conventional materials like copper could not withstand the enormous oxidation stress and high voltage charges around the electrodes, and would simply erode and be destroyed. Alternatives would be liquid mercury or lead, both not suitable for water treatment.



There are other systems out there, what is the difference?

All these other systems generate chlorine in various quantities, some more, some less. Some only reduce the amount of chemicals required for the pool. There is much information about the negative health effects of Copper or Silver in drinking water.



Why do you use Soda to increase the conductivity of the water?

Salt could also be used, but it would generate chlorine, although it cannot react at a pH of 8.4, it still can be detected. Soda does not just increase the conductivity of the water, but also adds positive health effects, being alkaline it can contribute positevily to the acid-base equilibrium of the human body. (


What are the effects of soda for your health?

People who suffer from poor health and are prone to diseases of all kinds are usually too acidic, which means the pH-value of their body tissue is rather low. Alkaline substances i.e. baking soda (NaHCO3) will neutralize excess acids and the body's pH-level rises again.



What's the maintenance for the Aqua Diamante system like?

Checking that the pump is working and the Aqua Diamante is ON. No pH level check is required as all bodies of water inclusive natural lakes balance naturally at 8.4. Once the conductivity is established at 3,200 us by adding the Soda, it usually does not require to be checked for approx. 1 year, unless a lot of water has been topped up or heavy rain has diluted the pool water.