Why Aqua Diamante?

100% chlorine free

The innovative Aqua Diamante soda treatment uses diamond electrodes to activate the oxygen in water. In contrast to a traditional “salt disinfection”, it uses oxygen as the active agent, rather than chlorine. Aqua Diamante is the first and only system that guarantees a truly chlorine-free water treatment.

Red, irritated eyes and chlorine-smelling skin are now a thing of the past. Aqua Diamante leaves the water as pure and fresh as a mountain spring. Experience the freedom to open your eyes comfortably under water.

Aqua Diamante also is a must-have for indoor pools. Keep your house free of the unpleasant odour of chlorine with this pure water treatment. Even outdoors, dining on the pool side the sharp smell of chlorine will never ruin your appetite again.

Skin friendly

Aqua Diamante uses Soda to increase the conductivity of the water. Soda, also known as bicarbonate, is a main component of mineral water. It is also very healthy to human skin. Bicarbonate lotions are used to accelerate wound healing and although only one tenth of the usual treatment concentration is present in AQUA DIAMANTE pools, in combination with  the constant activation through the diamond cell it makes for an optimum bathing experience.

Practically maintenance free

The pH-value of the water is automatically adjusted and always stays at 8.4, like natural water in a lake. The soda level does not have to be adjusted unless lots of water are topped up or heavy rain has diluted the water. An annual service will guarantee the cell an unlimited lifespan. With regular maintenance and replacement of any under-performing components, regardless of age your cell will never lose its value. 

No corrosion

The most common cause of metal corrosion in pools is chlorine and chloride. Particularly at low pH, traces of rust can be found on pool ladders and stainless steel jets fittings. This also reduces the lifespan of pumps and components. Because of the regular pH adjustments using pH-reducing products (containing hydrochloric or sulphuric acid), the metal that is in contact with the water is constantly being corroded. 

In Aqua Diamante pools corrosion is effectively avoided thanks to the perfect pH-buffering and the absence of chlorine and chloride.

Environmentally friendly

Due to its non-reactional behaviour, chlorine is not found in nature. As such, the environment is not set up for dealing with chlorine gas which is harmful.

Easy to install and retrofit

All it requires is a bypass from your existing filtration setup to allow a water flow of 1200l / h through the AQUA DIAMANTE cell (flow meter included).

Just take a look at an example setup:

Example Setup


You can find a more detailed comparison chart at our download section.

  AQUA DIAMANTE Chlorinated pool Salt electrolysis pool
No chlorine odour
no pH-regulation needed
No salt taste
No chloroform
No water replacement needed
No steel corrosion
Skin friendly
No additives