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Enjoying and relaxing on my natural swimming pool

How it all started

In1995 the Austrian Arnold Klement became inspired with a new idea which has been revolutionizing ecologically based swimming on their environments ever since. He wondered why was it that ponds were a always brown, filthy, dirty and swimming pools could only be kept to clean by using chemicals. He understood that lakes kept themselves clean due to the volume of water and the natural filtration produced by living organisms. His genius was to devise a filtration system that would work with any volume of water.

Why we do it

Australia is the driest continent on earth. Water as a natural resource is available but increasingly we all understand the need to embrace conservation and new technologies – even in our backyards. Water restrictions have made it harder to have pools refilled – as the water turns green, only lots of chemicals can make it clear again. The chemicals render the water usable but it becomes ecologically unsound, cannot be recycled for other uses around the home and is often a very unpleasant swimming experience.

Learn how to build

How to build a Natural Filtration System for your pool or pond (E-Book)

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This document is considered the “bible” for Natural pool building. All this are an knowledge used to be only available to a limited number of installers after they extensive training and is considered as “Secrets of the Trade”. Now this e-books has been rewritten for Self Study.

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