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Existing Pool Conversion

Existing Pool Conversion If you already have a pool and you want to convert it to a Natural Filtration Type System, you can either build the filtration zone along the side of the pool or build it where it fits best into your backyard as an external water garden, and connect it all up with the filtration system. Also, replace the sand filter medium from your skimmer line with the much better porous Zeolite. Most of our customers use flexible 50 mm PVC fabric enforced hoses, as you do not need to dig in straight lines, should you come across a large rock, which you can’t get out. Our handbook “How to build a Natural Filtration System for your Pool or Pond” reveals all this knowledge to you as an owner builder, or  to your pool builder.. If you would like us to come out on site and bounce off ideas about design options etc. please send us an email and we’ll send you our consultancy schedule of rates. For more details please check our  FAQ page.