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Swimming in natural water book
David Nettleton, from the AQUAVIVA Partner in the UK explores a whole new concept in swimming pool design.
Natural Pool and Spa book

Naturally a winning solution… “We have heard the case for chemical dosing and for not-chemical water treatment – what about a third solution, go au naturelle, says David Nettleton…”

outdoor natural pools design

A close look into the Natural Swimming Pool systems, and what sets them apart from the conventional methods.

Natural pool and filtration chlorine free

NHVL has recently discovered that there are now firms in Australia building natural filtration systems for swimming pools, small or large, that require no chlorine or other chemicals for water purification. Roger French contacted Aquaviva and here is their explanation of how the system works.

how to build sanctuary natural pools

Dive into crystal-clear, chemical-free pools.

Part 1

This presentation was done by one of our Aquaviva Partners overseas, which shows quite impressively what it could look like on your property.

Part 2