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Why we do it

Australia is the driest continent on earth. Water as a natural resource is available but increasingly we all understand the need to embrace conservation and new technologies – even in our backyards. Water restrictions have made it harder to have pools refilled – as the water turns green, only lots of chemicals can make it clear again. The chemicals render the water usable but it becomes ecologically unsound, cannot be recycled for other uses around the home and is often a very unpleasant swimming experience. The chlorine suppresses the growth of algae without getting rid of the nutrition in the water which makes them grow in the first place. When the chlorine wears off, more chlorine needs to be added until after a few years the water of the conventional swimming pool needs to be replaced.

The big questions then are: “Where do I dispose the water? It cannot be used in the garden, as the chlorine or the salt is going to kill the plants? Sewer? Where do I get the “new” water from, and how much is that going to cost?”

The Aquaviva Natural Filtration system can be used for your personal pond or pool which even supplies water for your garden. It can be designed to be refilled by rain water from the roof of your house – your multi purpose water tank!

It looks good even when it is too cold for swimming. In Europe, Natural pools freeze in Winter and are used for ice skating. Your Natural pool can be your water garden, your oasis in your backyard, where even birds drop by for a drink.

Most Australian adults only use their pools when its really hot. Pools are much more used by their kids. The parents though are left with all the work that comes with a traditional pool – and with the cost for all the chemicals. With your natural pool you don’t have to worry about chemicals any longer. And if the kids swallow water whilst swimming – so what. With a proper working Natural Filtration System it is no longer a health risk.

Its simply a great way to conserve water for our future and have fun at the same time – plus it can be a real eye catcher in your garden and improve the value of your property.