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Technical Expertise

It cannot be emphasized enough that to ensure algae free and hygienic conditions over the many years of operating a natural swimming pool,  a good system of design and technology is required. Many ‘swimming ponds’ are based upon simple principles, plants only and/or trial and error and this always leads to algae problems. The patent-registered CWR-Filter-System guarantees clean and clear water all year round. The water cleans itself through carefully controlled water circulation and optimized biological filtration. The biological filter unit is the core of a Natural Swimming Pool. GeoClear Filter Granules and micro-organisms work together in a precisely controlled system, providing the biological processes for the binding and degradation of organic nutrients. Many years of experience and extensive research have seen Aquaviva’s chemists and biologists working alongside its Austrian partners, developing and perfecting the technology, generating a biologically stabilized system with the following characteristics :
  • Long-lasting filter system, free from maintenance, with patented system-elements and secured degradation of nutrients;
  • Tested substrates, certified materials, and unique technology and components for building our pools, such as the patented electrolysis system for O2 accumulation;
  • Defined standards for design, construction, operation and maintenance for each Aquaviva System type.
  • GeoClear-mineral soils for the optimum growth of plants and the long term supply of trace elements into the system.
For project specific technical advise please call Ian Boulter on + 61 428 556 400 or send an email, and if requested he will also attend to site meetings. Please confirm hourly rates and travel expenses before making a booking…