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Our Organisation

Aquaviva Australia is developing a partner and friends community of Natural Swimming Pools focused on Australia and New Zealand. The Aquaviva community is a partnership of natural swimming pool builders, landscape design and construction companies as well as end users.

Aquaviva Australia does not build swimming pools. We leave that to the pool specialists. We are specialized in Natural Filtration Systems for your pool or pond. From our webshop you can download the manuals with all the insider knowledge of how to build a Natural Filtration System powered pool consisting of all the different layers of materials, which is important to adhere to. After many years only available to our qualified partners, we now decided to make it available for download, which enables you to either.


  • DYO do your own build and design, or
  • hand it over to your pool builder/landscaper and tell him – “THIS IS WHAT I WANT!”


The materials required for the Natural Filtration Zone can either be ordered through our website and for any enquiries and support please
drop us an email [email protected]. Usually our team replies within 24hrs if not quicker.

All the pools you find on these pages have been designed and built by our partners – We value added their projects with our Natural Filtration System.