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New Pool Building

Building a Natural Swimming Pool

I seems a lot harder than what it actually is. Depending on your choice for style, Natural or Formal its only a matter of getting your head around a few facts and Secrets of the Trade, of how to build the Natural Filtration System. One important aspect is the edging of the pool – no surface water/runoff  whatsoever is allowed into the pool, as it introduces too much nutrition, which might introduce algae or worst case turn your water green. A closed circuit of revolving water is best.

Most important – what should the finished project look like? What suits best to your property and your lifestyle? What design increases the value of your property most? Then its about whether you want to build it yourself,  or use a pool builder for a prefabricated fiberglass pool shell or soft edging concrete pool. Really, the only limitation is your imagination.

If you decide to take it on as DYO*

  • – dig a hole in the ground
    – fit the liner in pool and filtration zone
    – install Natural Filtration Zone and pumps
    – (build a rock wall inside the pool and cover floor to hide the liner)
    – basic landscaping, done.
  • In alteration to the above you can also build straight walls with hollow concrete bricks, reinforced with iron rods  and filled up with concrete. We’ve also seen it done with polystyrene bricks.

Our handbook “How to build a Natural Filtration System for your pool or pond” reveals all this knowledge around Natural Filtration Systems to you as an owner builder, or  to your pool builder..

If you would like us to come out on site and bounce off ideas about design options etc. please send us an email and we’ll send you our consultancy schedule of rates.
* please adhere to your local building regulations/permits for pools and ponds