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How it all Started

In1995 the Austrian Arnold Klement became inspired with a new idea which has been revolutionizing ecologically based swimming environments ever since. He wondered why was it that ponds were always brown, filthy, dirty and swimming pools could only be kept clean by using chemicals. He understood that lakes kept themselves clean due to the volume of water and the natural filtration produced by living organisms. His genius  was to devise a filtration system that would work with any volume of water , such as a swimming pond or pool.

Arnold also investigated various types of natural ponds and natural pools, how they worked and the efficiency of their filtration system .His contribution to natural pools was to devise a clever filter zone which now enabled him to build systems which could have a 20:80 ratio. 20 % filter zone and 80 %! swimming area! This was a n enormous breakthrough as previously the ratio was reversed.

Partners (mostly landscapers) have built  over 3500 pools in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and the amount of natural pools built every year is increasing continuously.

Since 2009 this know how is also available in Australia and brought to you by Aquaviva Australia. Part of our team is Heimo Kurzmann who is the exclusive distributor for Austria for parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He has been training countless landscapers and landscape architects in seminars over the last 10 years how to and why to do it the Aquaviva way.